Statistical project

Dear all,

I have a small statistical project for my Intro to Statistics class. And I have decided to choose to interpret and compare markets in ex-Yugoslavia (Eastern Europe). That means market of Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Maybe this is not the best solution but now it is too late and I need to make something. All the relevant statistics I have found on the web sites of above mentioned stock markets. Now I want to see which statistical methods could I apply? I am not sure that many of them would have sense in the stock market. But anyway I was thinking to apply correlation. I think that could be done. Maybe I could make regression model. Or I could do hypothesis testing (H0: Market 1 is equal to Market 2; Ha: Market 1 is weaker < than Market 2; and than I could test a P, if it is small or high- and reject or accept the null hypothesis). I am not sure that this has a sense. But I need to show the knowledge, of applying methods to professor. I was also thinking to apply Chi square test or make a regression model, but I am also not sure if it could be applicable in this case. Anyway if there is somebody who knows some statistics, please tell me what could I do and how could I do it? I am using PH-stats (Microsoft excel macro ad) for statistical software.

I have following statistical data:
Ordinary Turnover,
Block Trading
Takeovers Reported to Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange Index of the RS (BIRS)
Ordinary Turnover
Market Capitalization

Thank you on your help!

Ecce Homo