Statistical test for app

The tool I'm building will show two (or more images) to an audience of 100 people. The audience will select one of the options.
For the customers of the tool, I want to be able to tell them something such as
"Option A was chosen x% more than Option B. With 95% certainty, Option A is your better choice. "
Where the "95%" level can change based on the results. For example, if the result was closer, the message would be:
"Option A was chosen x% more than Option B. With 78% certainty, Option A is a better choice. "
And if the results are super close, then a message such as
"Option A was chosen the similar amount of times as Option B. There's no clear winner here. "
I want the customers to be able to decide what level of confidence they're happy with to proceed with.

What test that I could apply here?
Maybe try creating a test based on a pie chart. So that the sectors of different colors of the circle show the ratio of options in percent