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I am not very familiarised with statistics, and I would kindly ask for some advice and help.

My study aims to investigate the types of wastes produced by similar companies. Based on data from 5 similar industries, I have the amount of waste paper that each industry produces in relation to the total amount of waste that they produce.

Company (Kg paper waste / kg total waste)
A (0,20)
B (0,31)
C (0,28)
D (0,24)
E (0,33)

I would like to ask, if there is any statistical test that I can perform? My ultimate goal would be to give indications on the amounts of paper waste that these companies usually produce in relation to the total.

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I am not sure whether I understand your goal. What exactely do you want to achieve by
"giving indications on the amounts of paper waste ..." ?

Maybe you can tell us something about the background of your study, and what the
results shall be good for?

Moreover, is your study indeed performed with n=5 companies, or are these 5 companies
only examples from a larger sample?

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Thank you for your help.

The background is to identify if there are patterns on the types of wastes produced by similar industries. The goal would be to identify if the average value would be representative for companies operating in the same sector.

The companies are different. The example that I gave only has 5 companies, but I have some cases that i have more (e.g. 20).

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