Stats Problem--Chi Square Test Model?

One football player was tired of teachers and students making comments under the general assumption that student-athletes were less intelligent or inferior students to those not playing sports. To get rid of the “dumb jock” labels, he compared the results on a college readiness assessment of student-athletes and non-athletes. On this particular assessment, a student could receive the following scores: “under-prepared,” “on-track,” or “college-ready.” He recorded the following chart:
  • Under-Prepared On-Track College-Ready
    • Athlete 88 180 224
    • Non-Athlete 127 250 300
    1. Which statistical test would you use?
    2. Give a brief one-sentence statement that led you to choose that test.
    3. Provide your null (H0) and alternative (Ha) hypothesis.
    4. Perform the test.
    5. What is your statistic?
    6. Which value are you comparing it to (critical value)?
    7. What decision does this inform you to make?
    8. Write a one or two sentence conclusion.
    9. What limitations or other considerations would you point out for this study?


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