T-test or one-way ANOVA? Please help!


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My research study proposal title is: "Acute effects of aerobic exercise compared with standard medicinal treatments on the dysregulation of the HPA axis in women with post partum depression"

So basically I'm looking at exercise versus medication as a treatment for postpartum depression.

I know that my DV will be the hormones that I'm measuring (cortisol and ACTH) but I'm just grouping them together as one.

My first question is how many IVs do I have?? Would it just be exercise? Or would it be medication? Or would the IV just be considered "different types of treatment"?

Also, I have four groups: 1) Exercise group, 2) Medication group, 3) Exercise + Medication, and 4) Control

Because I have 2+ groups, does that mean I should use ANOVA? And if so, what kind? One-way ANOVA, correct?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.