T Tests to compare feeding rates of 3 sugars?

So the above is some sample data about vacuoles present after 10 minutes for 3 different sugars, and I want to make a claim (H0) with alpha=.05 that glucose has the highest feeding rate of the 3 sugars. My problem is that I'm not sure how to get a feeding rate, or what that exactly means in biology terms, I want to assume growth rate from minute 1 to 10? So in theory, can I run a T-test on a new column for each set, 10minute-1minute, and compare those rates in 2 t tests?
EDIT: I have 30 samples but posted 15 for ease of viewing, if that matters.
Look into repeated measures ANOVA - it might do. Otherwise maybe look into something like finite difference, but them since you've got three time points you actually have 2 feeding rates. You could assume a linear rate - if that makes biological sense.

Look into the literature, someone must have done something similar - i'm just shooting off half-baked ideas.

But i do know your H0 would be that all feeding rates are the same by sugars.