Technical Questions for a Stats project

Hello all! I am new here. I am not a student, but I still need assistance with some questions. If you can please help, I'd appreciate it. I have to peer review these papers by giving a "Stats" review. I work in pure mathematics, so I'm not always up to date with Stats (took it long ago when majoring in Math). Here are my questions about the attached files:

  1. There are fundamental problems with the description of the population… ok, but they are not clearly stating that in the evaluation/conclusion.
  2. The population age range seems to be off. The age range of both paper’s populations couldn’t possibly be in the single digits so I don’t get that.
Any overall comments on the papers themselves would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm, perhaps my questions are not clear? I'll try again.

1) I do not see how the description in the population works in these papers.

2) How can an age range be in the single digits?