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Dear friends:eek: ,
I have been given the opportunity to get some extra credit points from a test I recently took (points which are desperately needed). It is the same question that I left blank on my exam and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to solving it. It's extremely hard in my opinion but I hope that someone in this forum finds it extremely easy :p Any help is appreciated it and thank you:D in advanced. Here it goes ::wave:

The following data are measurements of domestic pigeons collected from five cities in Illinois. The variable is the length from the anterior end of the narial opening to the tip of the boney beak and is recorded in millimeters. Each row represents collections on randomly chosen days during the years 1955-1958. Each datum is the mean of the measurements on one day at one location.


This is a randomized complete block design; identify the model (I, II, or III), then write a mathematical model of the experiment and explain what each term in the model represents. Derive the expected mean squares. Give the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, and α, for each term you choose to test. Construct a complete analysis of variance table, then use the appropriate mean separation technique if one is needed.

p.s. Any statistical software could be used to solve the problem, I tried using minitab 14.


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It appears that "Day" is not a variable of ones interest. What you need to do is to chech differences amongst the cities. Then this requires the analysis of a CRD (completely randomised design).


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I got as much, but I am confused as to how to test the interactions from the expected mean square table. This may be because I dont have a null/alternative hypothesis for each term im suppose to test (b/c i dunno what im suppose to test!). The ANOVA has been taken care of and so has the Derivation of the expected mean squares. The last thing that there is for me to do (and the hardest at this point) is to test the interactions using my EMS table. Any help anyone?