Time Series Visualisation with multiple thresholds

Hello everyone :)

I have a data set of 27 countries with data for the years 1998 to 2016 on female representation and revolution. I want a simple visualisation of if revolutions (or elections after revolutions) cause a larger change in female representation than regular elections.
My professor recommended dividing the countries into 3 groups. Countries that had revolutions, countries that were democracies in 1998 and still are now, and countries that weren't democracies in 1998 and still aren't now.
I feel like this should be very simple to do, my professor certainly seemed to imply it would be. But considering that there are so many countries, and that all their elections are in different years, I'm just not sure how I am meant to be able to visualise anything useful.
I've attached my data.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Thank you for your attention!