Trying to normalize peak hours

HI everyone, I might be the noobest in this forum. I have a problem and I thought best place to get help in this matter is statistics forum. Hello everyone..

A - I have a set of google trends chart data and I create a line chart from that data in google sheets.
B - I also have google trends chart data for the search query of "Google". This shows me the peak hours that people query Google.

These 2 datasets shows smilarities. Actually the search term (A) is mostly used when people are more active on Google.

I am trying get a pure data of A, eliminating the noise created by B.

I hope someone might help me.

Thanks for your time in reading this post.


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Changing resolution is a mathematical solution...
That is what I'm doing...

You may also, divide by ratio in cycle. For example if in peak hour it is twice the amount you divide by 2, if in 08:00 it is %60 you divide by 0.6