Type 1 error


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10 10
Α= P(Type 1 error)= P(x≥6In=10, p1/3)= E C (1/3)x(2/3)^(10-6)
X=6 x

How do you solve this??? I do not know how to do the summation from 10 to 6. I keep getting insane answers…


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OK I just realized that this did not even post correctly. Could anyone give me the formula for calculating THe Type 1 and Type 2 errors and break down the answer into detail?


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me again.. i thought I had it...

I thought that I had it but all of my answers are slightly off. I cannot figure out why...

you do a binomial right?
so for n=10 r=5,6,7,8,9,10 p=(1/3) q=(2/3) and nCr= 10!/r!(10-r)!

I cannot figure it out.
for example for r=7 I got nCr=120 and .0163 the answer given is .0178... anyway I wind up with .2132 instead of .2163. It is very frustrating... any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Your notation is a bit confusing - could you type out the question exactly as it's worded in your assignment, and leave spaces in between equations...