Undegrad - Test for Simple Floral Preferences Data?

If I have categorical variables for 'floral resources used' in one column, e.g. Erica cinerea, etc. and two other columns for Pollinator Species Richness and Abundance, what test could I use? The goal is to determine which plant species are preferred by pollinators.

I tried fit regression model in Minitab, set total pollinators and species richness as responses and floral resource used as the categorical predictor. Result said floral resource used was highly significant (p < 0.001) . Coefficients section gives a list of p values for each plant species, e.g.

Erica cinerea = 0.004
Erica tetralix = 0.001
Rubus fruticosus = 0.000
Ulex europaeus = 0.802

That looks alright, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to look at the coefficients section. Also, does that really tell you if there's a preference? It's difficult because it just says 3 out of 4 are significant but what does that really mean in this context? I mean, it syncs up fairly well with the actual numbers, for example Rubus having the highest abundance and species richness, but I'm not sure if it actually answers the preferences question.

Thank you.