Understanding high VIF


I am having a problem with a variable showing consistently high VIF scores.

I am conducting regression looking at predictors of dyslexia. I have one variable (parents highest education level) which always shows high VIF scores even when entered alone into the model. From my knowledge of VIF I cannot understand why 1 variable alone would show high VIFs. The variable is has 5 categories with the number of dyslexics in each cell ranging from 7 to 124. Would anyone be able to shed light on why this variable is causing me these issues and any potential solutions?

Thanks in advance.


Not a robit
Are you looking at the VIF for the IV and the DV? Can you post some of your output? Your desired model is going to end up being a logistic model - just curious?


Not a robit
So you are writing about the CS variable? It is a categorical variable that gets dummy coded? Where is the simple regression output where it is high. Close to "10" is typically considered high.