Urgent simple question re One Way vs. Univariate ANOVA


I'm trying to decipher some SPSS output. Using syntax, it ran a Univariate ANOVA. My question is, is this the same thing as a One Way ANOVA?? Also, if it is the same thing, which name would you use to write up a report on the results?

From what I've figured myself, they are essentially the same thing but Univariate in SPSS has more options...

Hope someone can help,


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ANOVA is inherantly univariate. That is you have one response variable, Y.

An ANOVA can by one way , two way, three way, which is just reffering to the number of factors - or explanatory variables, X. So, in your case univariate ANOVA and one way ANOVA are the same thing but will depend on the number of factors you have. But you could have Univariate ANOVAS and a two way ANOVA, which again will be the same thing. I may not have expalined this as well as I would have liked, but I hope it clears it up.


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Partial least squares? Do you want to know which packages will run it? How to install pls software? I am not sure what you are gettiing at.