urgent spss anova help!!!!

I have to enter data into spss that is already given to me the study description is bellow. i would like to know three things;
1 is this a one-way or two-way anova?
2. is it repeated or independent?
3. do i put gender in first column with values of male and female as independent and put each glasses in their own column as the repeated measures?
i believe it is a two-way anova with repeated measures in glasses and independent measures as gender.

The Study
Student Fyfe decided to do her Research Methods’ study on the subject of the effect of wearing rose-colored glasses on depression. She predicted that wearing rose-colored glasses would reduce depression and that wearing blue-tinted glasses would increase depression. She also hypothesized that the effect would be larger for females than for males, although there would be an effect for both. She got three kinds of glasses--rose-colored, blue-tinted, and clear. She randomly assigned 60 introductory psychology students--30 males and 30 females--to be in each of her three conditions corresponding to the three kinds of glasses. Each of the 60 students wore the appropriate pair of glasses for a week and then took the short form of the MMPI (a personality test) from which a score on the Depression (D) Scale was computed. The higher the score on the D Scale, the more depressed a person is


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To me it reads as two-way ANOVA, independent, and you would want to add an interaction term to see if there is a synergist effect between the type of glasses and gender.