Use of a credible source


I am trying do a little research about movies and I will need to know studios, budgets, run time etc, and I was wondering, if it is credible to use to find all data or should I find other sources for some of the data?



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are you looking to do this manually, or using web scraping software?

I guess imdb is as credible as wikipedia, but I don't know based on what you said so far
Yes, that is the plan. I do now know of any sites that I can get the information freely and easily as imdb. Also, I want to do this to work a little with statistics programs and get used to it.


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this sounds like an interesting project. really, though, whether one source or another is "credible" isn't a stats question, but rather a subject domain question

out of curiosity, if you're able to say, is this for work, a website, school, etc.? I'm interested in web scraping, too, that's why I ask. I'm aware of some R functionalities that exist
I am doing this on my own, because I have an interest in movies. But I try to use some of what I have learned in school. For example, I will try to see if it is possible to see which studio is most likely to win an Oscar for best pictures based on former winners.

Also, the learning curve for R is steep with all those codes, but I am using that as well.

I think for now I will stick with the one source.