using statistics in mobile application testing

i've made a simple mobile application that functions as sending a message to a contact list and when they receive the message, their android phone will ring an alarm.
we were required to test its functions in each module:

ex. adding contacts
i've placed it under efficiency criteria which i defined as the program's ability to produce correct functions.
my prof suggested to me to test my application like this, so i've made a 5 column table that contains something like this:


input: enter valid details
expected output: successfully add the contact
no. of iterations: 5
success: 5
failed: 0

input: enter empty name/contact number
expected output: prompt "fill up all fields"
no. of iterations: 5
success: 5
failed: 0

now we were required to use a statistical tool to this and i really can't find anything that fits this kind of testing. please help me with my problem. thanks for help in advance.