Was this univariate, bivariate or a multivariate test?!

I am getting lost in the definitions of univariate, bivariate and multivariate tests.
I have gone through the process of completing several statistical analyses. The independent variable, treatment modality, is categorical with three distinct/unique groups.
I have tested group differences on assessments and clinical measures using: One way ANOVAs, Chi-Square Test for Independence and Kruskall-Wallis H test.

I'm getting very confused... are these all multivariate tests because the independent variable is three unique groups?? I keep reading different definitions depending on the test...

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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They are all bivariate, two variables. Univariate, one variable, e.g., mean. Multivariate, multiple outcome variables. I guess if you had a categorical variable with more than 2 groups a procedure code dummy code it into two or more variables. But that typically gets call multiple regression, not multivariate regression.