What analysis should I use to figure out effects


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Hello and good day,
I intend to do a meta-analysis of copper-oxide-based glucose sensors. I am in the middle of collecting papers from a database and extracting their results to an Excel table. The papers talk about the use of things like 'electro-deposited copper oxide on graphene', 'copper oxide with silver nanoparticles', 'drop-casted copper oxide nanowires with silver nanoparticles and graphene,' and the likes for the detection of glucose. I am wondering if its possible (and if it is, what kind of analysis can I use), to know if it's worthwhile to

1. add things (graphene or silver nanoparticles) to copper oxide,
2. use a specific 'kind' of copper oxide used (nano-wires, nano-rods, nano-particles),
3. use a specific method to attach the copper oxide onto the sensor's working surface (electro-deposition, drop-casting, spin-coating)

The studies comes from labs all over the world, so I assume that they are carried out under highly varying conditions. I feel Principle Component Analysis might be used, but I'm not really sure. What do you think?
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