What is formula for calculating Simple Contrasts test for within-groups ANOVA?


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I need to be able to calculate long hand some Planned Comparison test for a Within-Groups ANOVA framework. I understand the most common tests in such a situation are "Contrasts" test including: Simple Contrasts, Repeated Contrasts, Deviation Contrasts, among other Contrasts test

I assume that the Simple Contrasts test is the simplest. So, I figured I would focus on this one first. Any link to an example fleshing out those calculations would be great.


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I think you mean syntax. Search for 'SPSS syntax for GLM repeated measures contrasts'. The command in SPSS for contrasts is LMATRIX.

Simple contrasts option within repeated measures I believe gives you a trend analysis. You can get Bonferroni from the options menu.


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Actually, I did mean formula. Something I could use to calculate Simple Contrasts. I don't have SPSS. Thus, I do not have access to their proprietary macros. Doing your search got me some interesting results such as the link below.


The latter disclosed its underlying "syntax"

... which was no help since it relied on SPSS' syntax. And, I need an actual formula.