What is is the meaning of this p-value ?

i am trying to perform cox regression on survival data of tumor patients with the covariate "resection status". Patients had either biopsy (=0), partial resection(=1) or total resection of the tumor (=2).
I have trouble understanding the following: "total resection" (=2) is the reference value so "partial resection"(=1) and "biopsy"(=0) are compared to "total resection" and are assigned a p-value and an HR. WHAT is the meaning of the p-value behind the reference value though (that has nor HR assigned) - I highlighted this value green in the attached file.

The code looks like this:

/CONTRAST (Resektion)=Indicator


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No idea, cant really say ive seen someone use an outcome with three groups. In multinomial logistic you get two intercepts.

the orange pvalue is just a test of the model versus an empty model, so your model explains more than an empty model, but what is your model two survivals or not? Do you have a link to where you got your code from?