What kind of ANOVA is this?

I'm doing an MRI research study on source memory and aging using emotional stimuli. This is probably a fairly basic question, but I'm not sure what type of ANOVA this is. So I would have 1 between subjects factor (age- young vs. old), but I can't figure out if I would have 1 or two within subjects factors. Right now, I've been doing the analysis so that I have memory accuracy and emotion combined as one variable (so I code them as neghit, negmiss, poshit, posmiss, etc.). I'm wondering if these need to be considered separately- like have emotion (3 levels- negative, positive, and neutral) and memory accuracy (3 levels- hit, item only and miss) each be within subject factors. The study is one visit so it's not something I'd have to use a repeated measures ANOVA..
Any help would be greatly appreciated