What model should I use? Studbook data

Hi all,

I use R and want to analyze a dataset from a studbook that contains information of populations of the same species on different locations. I want to see if there are differences between these populations. The response variables are Lx (survivorship), which is a probability, and Mx (fecundity) which is the mean number of offspring. I want to investigate whether there are differences in these Lx and Mx between the different populations, in order to see if some populations are functioning better than others.
I don't really know how to do this since this data per population is divided in separate data for males and females, and in age classes (of a year). So an Lx and Mx value is given for each age class for males and females separately, and the number of age classes differs between the populations.
What kind of model do you advice? How do I take these age classes into account, or can I use a test that creates a mean for all classes per sex in a population? I do not have a lot of experience with statistical analyses, so I would really appreciate your help!