What podcasts do you enjoy or listen to?


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A question was asked in the chatbox about what podcasts I listen to. My current group of podcasts that I follow is:

  1. Up First - It's a quick summary of the past 24 hours news in 10-15 minutes that comes out really early in the day
  2. NPR Politics
  3. Android Central - I'm a tech nerd and I do really like android so this give me that nerd fix once a week. The episodes can range from 1-2 hours so it's not exactly a quick listen typically but oh well.
  4. Hello From the Magic Tavern - Ever wonder what it would be like to fall through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King and end up in the magical land of Foon? Well if you have then boy do I have the podcast for you... Honestly though this one is hilarious. Episodes tend to be about 45 minutes and come out once a week. When I'm looking for laughs this is a good place to start.
  5. Ear Hustle - A podcast about prison life. You know - cause I'm so gangsta.
  6. Levar Burton Reads - This is fairly new and it's just Levar Burton reading some of his favorite short stories. What's not to like (well other than episode 2 which was boooooooring but I've liked the rest).
  7. Stuff You Should Know - I really don't listen to this one too often but when a topic comes up that sounds interesting I'll give it a shot.
  8. Song Exploder - Typically about 20 minutes long these are basically artists walking through their process of creating a song. At the end you get to hear the finished product. Most of the artists I've never heard of so I don't really have any expectations coming in on those episodes but it's really interesting when you get an episode that you know the artist and song already.
  9. Presidential - I'm still working through this one... There is an episode devoted to each US President. Did you know there's a reason you probably don't know much about Millard Fillmore? The reason was that nothing really happened other than him having a silly name. Don't you long for those days?
  10. This American Life - I don't listen to every episode but it's really well done.
  11. Various others that I don't expect will have more episodes or update so infrequently I don't really count them: Apple Keynotes, Hi My Name Is Mark, S-Town, and there are a few others that I forget...


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At the risk of inviting controversy... I really like Sam Harris' podcast. Particularly when he gets more sciency and not so political, but I can take those as well (in limited amounts).


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I will update my list later today when I have my mp3 player in front of me, but here are some:

-Science Friday: I don't miss an episode
-Scientific American: Some times listen to it
-TWiML: Lister to most of the episodes
-Not so standardly deviated: its good but a little vapid at times
-Partially Derivative: So episodes, like the one about the MIT guy that commit suicide was good
-Economic (sp?)
-Kill all raptors and bots: most episodes about tactical training.
-and a couple hit and miss Data Science ones

Then my wife listens to lots and lots, many legal or true crime, so we have some middle ground ones we may listen to in the car, S-Town, What happened to Richard simmons, stuff you should know, Malcolm Gladwell's, misc. I also stream a lot of YouTube videos.
I like to listen to Bill Burr's podcast occasionally. I believe it's called Monday Morning Podcast or something like that. Burr is one of my favorite comedians, hilarious guy.


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More programmers. The first two episodes were giving a history of the OS wars and the latest episode was on the advent of Agile programming.


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Started listening to "Data Skeptic". It gives a cursory introductions to topics. However, I get a little off put by this formulaic setup in podcasts where you have a person who is the supposed expert and then also the pseudo layperson - where the expert talks down to the other person and is a little pretentious that they don't know the content. When at times it is apparent the layperson is just playing along with acting fully ignorant about the topic.


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Out of my original list the only ones I still listen to regularly are Hello From the Magic Tavern (which I highly recommend) and the Android Central podcast.
I still listen to most of the ones I listed. Always gotta hear SciFri. I will give your "Hello from..." a try some time.

I went to a live taping of "My Favorite Murder" podcast with my wife. She loves that one - it profiles two murder cases. It was at a fairly large Civic Center (sold out) and my wife jokingly made a comment that young women from 18-40 enjoy it. The crowd was about 4K women and me, no line for the bathroom :). I hadn't really listen to the podcast before, since one of the hosts (Georgia?) uses gratuitous profanity as an affectation, which I found grating when my wife played it before. But, in real life I didn't notice it so much since it came off more as a comedy show then podcast. The attendees were fanatical at the least.