What statistical test should i use for viral loads comparisn

Hello! I am currently working on my thesis and I wanna run some statistical tests to eventually found the p value and better support my data; it's an experimental study, there are cells infected with a virus, the viral load is assessed and then another cell group is treated with a pharmacological compound, to obtain a new viral load. In the end, viral loads are expressed as logarithms, so there would be a reference value, and one after the intervention, for different viral concentrations. Which is the best test that would work, based on the experience of somebody who is more trained? Thank you!


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Can you provide a sample of your data some we can understand what they look like. I would look to the literature in case your field does something in particular.

I would imagine that it may be approximated and examined using linear regression, but I don't know your area well enough to say for certain. Ideally you don't want to p-value but an effect estimate to show magnitude and directionality of impact.
Hello! First of all thank you for your reply; my data would look like this I express viral loads for concentration of 10^-2,10^-3 and 10^-4, and there is a column with no pharmacological intervention, just viruses replicating in cultures, the viral loads being expressed as a logarithm, the absolute values being too large, so they look like this 6,45871; 5,91258; 5,0125... the next five columns are just the viral loads after a separate culture is treated with a different drug and we asses in the end the new viral loads, that are generally smaller, but of course with some exceptions...what I try to prove is if any of these drugs have an important enough effect.