What Statistical Treatment can I use in this type of data?

We are currently conducting a small study and have very small background in Statistical Analysis. We conducted some experiments and have gathered some data. Can anyone help me in identifying what type of Statistical Treatment we can use for this?

The second column pertains to the number of trials. We were instructed not to use T-Test and use ANOVA instead. Now we are confused whether to use
1. Ordinary One-Way ANOVA
2. One Way ANOVA with Repeated Measures
3. Two-Way ANOVA
4. Two-Way ANOVA with Repeated Measures

I hope some of you can help me with this. I know that this sound dumb but we're really confused (coz of the lack of background).


What are these data, how were they collected, and what is the research question?

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We need to know if our system is accurate in locating a user of an electronic device while trapped below the ground (for rescue purposes). The Actual Latitude is shown and will be compared with the Detected Latitude.

The device were buried below 4 different levels (1-4 ft) and each level took 4 trials each in getting data. The trials were in constant condition.
i would suggest one way anova with repeated measures.
first step is testing normality of the data and Levene test of equal variances.
then run the ANOVA with multiple comparison to explore where the differences lie if the null hypothesis is rejected