What test should I use to analyze my data?

I'm currently a fourth year university student. As part of my studies, I'm taking a class called Capstone, where students design and carry out a research project. An essential part of formulating this researchm is choosing a statistical procedure with which to analyze and present your results.

My study focuses on studying the increase of middle school students' awarness on the subject of bullying. To do that, we will have a group of students who will take an inital questionnaire which has multiple choice questions about different situations and what type of bullying they represent. After that test, the same students will be giving a workshop where we will discuss bullying: the types that exist, how to recognize them and the negative impact they can have. After those workshops, the students will take another test, consisting of exactly the same questions as the first. The goal is that, by comparing the answers on both tests, we will find that students answers on that second test correspond to a better identification and understanding of what bullying is.

My question the is: what type of statistical test would you reccommend I use to sort and analyze the data I recollect?


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It depends on how you measure your dependent variable. If it is interval than you probably would do repeated measure ANOVA (that is essentially testing a pre or post test). I think you could also do a paired t test.

If your dependent measure is ordinal or nominal (that is some form of categorical variable) you can't use ANOVA. Something like logistic regression might work although I have not seen that used with a pre and post test this way.