What test?

HI! Thanks to anyone that is reading this!!

I am a masters student and I am trying to figure out what test I should use to analyze some of my data. Unfortunately, my advisor is also stumped.

My experiment:

I had a a large population of fish. Half were exposed to a chemical and half were solvent controls. The exposure lasted 3 weeks. Then I took a some fish from each group and paired them in a tank. Each tank had one nest and the fish had to compete for it. So, only one of the two males in the tank had the ability to fertilize eggs although they may not have necessarily fertilized any. I repeated this one week and 3 weeks later, using fish from the original popultion (no fish were used more then once).

I determined for each time point the number of eggs each male had. Ones that did not get a nest got a 0 and ones that did have the nest had the number of eggs in the nest counted (ranged from 0 to 400). I am trying to perform an ANOVA like test (2-way) as that is how I have analyzed other data I collected from these experiments (all normally distributed).

I need to know if such a test exists as there are MANY zeros and thusly ties.

Any help would be great!!!