What tests and figures for publication?

I have two groups of people: 9 women that were taking one type of antidepressant and 11 women that were taking a different type of antidepressant. Their heart rates were taken once every 7 days for 6 weeks. Each week they were given a single dose of an anti anxiety drug prior to the measurement of heart rate. The first week was a control, and each week the dosage of the anti anxiety drug was increased while the antidepressant remained at the same dosage the whole study. Looking at the results, the anti anxiety drug decreased heart rate much more for one of the antidepressants (not as much for the other). I want to know how each antidepressant affects the way the anti anxiety drugs work. To incorporate this data into a larger publication:

What statistical tests should I use to show the differences/comparisons?
What figures would be best?

Keep in mind, two people were missing one timepoint.
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