What tests to carry out when all variables are categorical?

Hello to one and all,
I am doing a Research Project for my Master degree course.

One of my Research Questions in my Project is:
How do employees in <”name of country”> perceive the concept of <”an upcoming concept related to how employees work”> ?

I need to take a survey in order to answer the above question. I have already prepared the questions but still not started the surveying part till now.

I was told by my professor that I need to do statistical analysis as well.

I have never taken any statistical class and have no experience or proper knowledge about how to go about statistical analysis.

After doing bit of research, I was able to find some information about concepts like dependent and independent variables, types of variables(categorical, continuous), etc.

I also found that the statistical tests which I can do depend on the nature of my variables…that is most of the variables in my case are categorical…

After considering the variables, my survey questions and my research questions, I was able to come up with below-

Categories = No of options for the person to select from

Independent variables (Employee’s Demographic) –
Gender (2 Categories)
Age Range (6 Categories)
Relationship/martial status(3 Categories)
Have Children ?(2 Categories)

Independent variables (Employee’s Work related attributes)
Type of Employer(Govt, Non-Govt, etc.) – (3 Categories)
No of hours worked per week (5 Categories)
Work in shifts ? (3 Categories)
Work in essential services ?(3 Categories)
Work as a manager? (3 Categories)

Dependent variables(New Concept related attributes)-
Like the concept ?( 3 Categories)
Advantages(4 Categories)
Disadvantages(5 Categories)
3 additional questions each with a 5 point likert scale.

Considering that I have conducted the survey and have all of my responses.

In this case, can anyone tell me how can I systematically go about carrying out a statistical analysis for the above ? What all statistical tests can I do in my case ?

I would really appreciate your guidance as I am a complete newbie w.r.t statistics analysis. Any inputs or if any resources you can point me to…I would be really grateful..

Danke sehr... :)

It looks like it is a flowchart..and during my research i did come across couple of such flowcharts...however they gave out only couple of tests which can be carried out for categorical..e.g chi tests is one of them which i remember....however i understand that these tests can be carried out for only couple of variables at a time...in my case i have a group of independent and dependent variables..... is it possible to carry out tests for group of dependent variables e.g. employee demographics against New concept related attributes..


TS Contributor
Multiple linear regression can analyse an interval scaled dependent variable using several predictors simultaneously.
Multiple binary logistic regression can analyse a binary dependent variable, using several predictors simultaneously.
ok...so if i understand correctly...Multiple linear regression..can help to analyse my Likert scale variables dependent variables..am i correct ?
but will the Multiple binary logistic regression help with my other dependent variables which are non-binary ?
I think you are right.. I need to post additional details...I have also looked at my research question and my objective again...and I think there is a simpler way in which I can answer my research question...i will make a new thread and explain the details accordingly...i apologize for the inconvenience caused...