what type of analyses to use if one of the dependent variables is omitted when another dependent variable takes a certain value?


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Hi Everyone,
This might have a really easy answer or a really difficult one. I am super confused at this point and need help. Here is my problem:

I have one independent variable (IV) and two dependent variables (DV1 and DV2). DV1 can take value 0 or 1. DV2 can take a value between 1 and 7 only if DV1 is 1. If DV1 is 0, then DV2 is omitted.

As an example, suppose the IV is gender (i.e., male vs female). DV1 is 1 if the individual visited New York and 0 otherwise. DV2 represents how much this individual likes New York on 1-7 scale.

I tried multivariate regression but not sure if that's the way to go. I'd appreciate any help.


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You could try two separate analyses, the second using a reduced set of IV.
Are M or F more likely to visit NY?
Of those who visit, do M or F like it more?