Where do i start?

I am unsure where to begin on this problem and what formulas to use.

here is the problem:

the chamber of commerce of clarkston, wa was interested in trade dollar loss to its twin city, lewiston, ID. the chmaber had been concerned that over a period of years, average household expenditures across the state line were too high and detrimental to commercial growth. the chamber thus develop a "spend at home" program. Researchers surveyed clarskton households to estimate household expenditures across the state line after the "spend at home" program. A randon sample of n=100 households was surveyed. the following are summary and results of the survey:

average yearly expenditures X:$3600 with a standard deviation theses expenditures of S=$1000.

the average household dollars the chamber expected to give lewiston in the absence of the sepnd at home program was mean= > or equal to $3800.

at a=.05. conduct the test of your null hypotheses. accept or reject? type I or type II error?

PLease help me get started in the right direction.
Ho: The "spend at home" program does not lead to greater spending in Clarkston, WA.
< or equal to $3600

H1: the "spend at home" leads to greater spending in clarkston, WA. (all things remaing the same).
> $3600

do these sound ok? now what numbers do i use to test the signifigance in a one tailed test?


TS Contributor
Follow the example problem in the link I provided - between that and examples in your text, you should be OK.