Which analysis to use?

Im confused what statistical test I need to use for these 2 separate hypothetical example ( I am really struggling so any help would be appreciated).

1. Assessing whether there were any gender differences (male or female) in five of the following variables (fatigue, lethargy, sleepy, tired, & lack of energy) that make up the sleepiness and associated sensations scale (e.g., totSAS).
So its 1 IV, with 5 DVs that are related looking at differences. What test would this be and why?
I was unsure if this is 5 independent t-tests or some form of anova or manova?

2. A clinical trial investigated the effects of an herbal remedy on a client's well-being. Three groups of anxious patients were randomly assigned to either: Group A (patients given a placebo), Group B (patients given a medium dose of the herbal remedy) or Group C (patients given a high dose of the herbal remedy). All patients completed a questionnaire that assessed their level of anxiety at baseline (e.g. before condition) and post condition.
There is one independent variable with three levels. The dependent variable is level of anxiety measured at baseline and after treatment. What test would this be and why? Is this a repeated measure ANOVA? I am unsure