Which categorical statistic? Help please


For my project I am using statistical methods to create useful information in a spreadsheet. I have a spreadsheet with types of products at the top and customer names on the left. Then for each customer and product a colour code is assigned to determine the state of that account (whether that company's maintinance contract is with our company). There are 4 colour codes, that say the business is with us, with a compeitior, they dont have that product, and lastly we dont know the state of that contract.

I have taken the Frequency occurences of each colour code, by product and for the complete spreadsheet. However I now need to use some statistical methods to calculate useful information from it.

I have used the Chi-square test to get some information about the significance of the data. I am now struggling with coming up with any more techniques.

I'm in need of urgent help, if anyone can help then I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance


TS Contributor
Since the "data" you're analyzing is categorical, the only thing you can really do is analyze relative frequencies / percentages, and you've already done that with the chi-square.