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Hi everyone.
Maybe this is stupid, but when we chose a hotel for a holiday on TripAdvisor and Bucking.com, I had an idea about how to compare two hotels by their rating(despite the fact that there is already a general rating). For example, TripAdvisor: Grades are divided into 5 categories (Ordinal), from best to worst. And there is a general rating from one to five, taking into account the assessment in each category and the number of people who gave the assessment. For example, in hotel A, which rated 2297 in total and respectively:
Excellent 1166, Very good 718, Average 273, Poor 89, Terrible 51. Overall rating 4 out of 5.
Hotel B, totaling 4349 and respectively:
Excellent 3553, Very good 582, Average 135, Poor 49, Terrible 30. Overall rating 4.5 out of 5.
Having done the analysis in the spss, anova except that the two hotels of the Significant are different, I did not achieve anything.
Is comparison and statistical analysis possible? After all, in hotel A, it was "visited" 2297, and in hotel B, "it was 4349, as it seems to me, the overall rating may not correspond to reality.
My question is, is it possible to make an analysis based on assessments, could anyone have already tried to conduct an analysis? or can add more data (for example price)? Or am I just waste time?
Hi Teok. This is a typical case where you can summarize your data in a contingency table


You can imagine that each of the 6646 individuals tells which hotel he went to and gives a rating. You can then run a Chi-square test to make sure there is independence. Meaning that what you observe is not likely to happen if people would be answering questions at random.

I don't use SPSS but XLSTAT, SAS and R. Here are the results with XLSTAT


So there is definitely a structure. Now, I believe you would like to choose a hotel rated very good or excellent. So I merged the cells into


and ran a Fisher's exact test and there again


So you would definitely go for hotel B.

However, something comes to my mind. The individuals should be "independent" themselves. It is not perfectly true, as the previous ratings influence which hotel people will choose, but it is reasonable to assume their rating is not influenced.


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