Which non-parametric test to use ?

I want to test the monthly allowance ( independt variable) in scale with Beck depression level (ordinal) or maybe Beck depression score (scale)
The normality assumption is violated so I have to use non-parametric test but not sure what test should I use.


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Is monthly allowance a yes/no item? Or an ordinal scaled item like none/small/large? Or is it a monetary value? Did you measure allowance and BDI only once? Or several times? How large is your sample size? Could you please definitely state whether you want to use depression level, or depression score, or both?

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Monthly allowance is a monetary value where respondents are require to fill in the amount by themself.
I only measure the allowance n BDI once
my sample size N=340
If possible i would like to use both of the score and level. But i'm not sure.