Which Statistical Methoded work best???

I would like to track the success and progress of care given for a severly disabled child.

Layout example I thought would be good. 1=poor 5=excell.

day,,,transportation,,,interaction,,,skills achieved
To give you more info, services are provided by the state and I would like to rate how the child progresses in the different catagories that are being paid for. Example of the transportation catagory is how the child behaves, gets on and off timely, tempement during transportation etc. There are many more catagories the above is just a sample only. The date would be each days date. I thoughjt I could assign the rating numbers on a scale to say 1 = 20% effective, 2 would be 40% effective and so on up to 5 being 100%. Does anyone have a suggestion on which statistical method to use to achieve what I think is how it should be layed out. If I can track and trend current poor care I believe I could prove more money is needed for better services that I believe are needed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.