Which statistical test should I use ?

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I'm currently writing a scientific report and I am not sure which statistical test I should use? I've been out the stats game a relatively long time and my lecturer only hints that the type of test used depends on your hypothesis.

I'm investigating the effects of a woodland microclimate on air and soil temp and how these compare to readings from a meteorological weather station.
readings at the microclimate include soil temp (10cm), air temp (0cm), air temp (10cm)
My hypothesis is that the conditions found in the woodland microclimate would be warmer than those found at the weather station.
I have readings filtered to every hour for both locations and have 340 data points for both locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



TS Contributor
So you want to compute the 340 differences between soil temp (microclimate)
and soil temp (weather station), and accordingly for air temp as well? If you want
to test wheter the mean of these 340 differences significantly differs from zero, then
you can use a one-sample t-test. Maybe also a Bland-Altman Plot could be of
interest for you.

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