Which statistical test to use

Hi, I ran a pilot study and now that I have the data, I've become confused on how to analyze it. Participants were simply given a list of ~50 behaviours and asked to rate on a Likert scale (1-9):
  1. Permissibility for men: whether that behaviour is permissible (1) or impermissible (9) for a man to engage in
  2. Permissibility for women: whether that behaviour is permissible (1) or impermissible (9) for a woman to engage in
  3. Valence: whether that behaviour is positive (1) or negative (9) for a general person to engage in
My first goal is to categorize the behaviours (using the first two DVs) as:
  1. Permissible for a man
  2. Impermissible for a man
  3. Permissible for a woman
  4. Impermissible for a woman
Because I'll then be choosing a couple of behaviours from each category, I want to check their valences. I want to ensure they all have the same valence (i.e., all positive or all negative or all neutral), to eliminate this as a potential confound.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to combine the valence with the first two data points at the onset. So there would be two (new) columns: 1) permissibility for men * valence; 2) permissibility for women * valence. But then, I'm not sure how I would find the four categories with this method, either.