which statistical tests to use?


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I am very new to statistics. I have some data that I would like to perform additional statistical analysis on it.

The data is related to two groups of people.
Group 1: control group
Group 2: people with obesity

Group 2 is following a healthy food plan.
Measurements are being made for each member in both groups, on 10 separate time points.
Measurements for example include: weist, belly, neck, etc ...
What I have done is that for each person, I have calculated the mean for every separate measurement.

1- From this point onward, given the data I have, which statistical tests can I use to know the effectiveness of the food plan? i.e. the change in body measurements of Group 2 with respect to time?

2- Also, which statistical tests can I use to have a better overview and comparison of Group 1 and Group 2 with respect to time?

I just need some general headlines and some guidance, and I will dig myself into details.
Many thanks in advance, your help is appreciated.


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Was the diet randomized?

Do you have a baseline measure for each person?

Perhaps repeated measures analysis controlling for baseline values of measurement.