Which statistics program is this? (Panel VAR analysis)

I have been trying to find the program that authors of a couple of different studies used to show off impulse response functions of panel VARs. I am sure that one of you knows which program draws charts like the following. My other option is to go with STATA, but I think that the graphics on it are not very professional look-wise, so I would hugely appreciate if someone here can help me on this.

Here is a picture of the charts: http://xomf.com/qdlxb
Could be Stata with the lean scheme. You can get that scheme by typing in Stata findit lean and follow the instructions.
Thanks, I will check that out.

I am having some difficulties computing the VAR model in STATA though. In the result the impulse response of a variable to itself at period 0 is more than 3, which is obviously a contradiction (it should be 1). Any ideas what could cause this?

Additionally, I am not seeing any options for VECM or SVAR in the Inessa Love's package, do you have any ideas if STATA is able to perform those, or is it something else after all?
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