Which test do you think is the most appropriate?

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you which statistical test I should use if I want to assess the coherence of different groups of people? Each group includes people with a similar behavior, let's say their daily expenses. So, for example, people that tend to spend money on Saturdays and Sundays rather than week days will be in a different group from those who spend on week days. I would like to assess if the resulted groups consist of similar observations (people) to a satisfying extent. Thank you in advance.
Thank you so much for your response. My raw data for each one of the customers is their daily spend during these four distinct time intervals (this table, for example, corresponds to one customer).
1550859800947.png The goal of this analysis is target marketing. So, I've grouped them based on their money consumption behavior. Now I would like to assess if the observations of each group are similar enough or the grouping method is not effective. There should be a test that examines either the coherence of the observations in the group or if the resulted groups are not similar in terms of the observations included. The only variable that I have is home much money they've spent each day & time. Hope that makes sense to you.

And thank you again for responding.