which test should i use for medical research

Hei, I have done my experiments and now I have 5 control tests and10 different membranes to test with at least two samples each. (This is the row). And I have up to 50 different chemicals.(The column). The test it to see how much of the chemicals enter the membrane and which membrane works the best.(this means the membrane that lets in the most chemicals).
So far I compared how much of chemicals enter the membrane compared to the control tests and I get a percentage for every chemical. Which test do you think is now suitable to use and is there anything else I should take into consideration?

p.s sometimes the variance for a single membrane is large. e.g mebrane 1, sample 1 =50% and membrane 1 sample 2 =10%


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Can you provide a sample of what your data looks like as a data frame. Are different chemical used on the exact same membrane or do you mean the same type of membrane - I am trying to see if you need to explicitly control for groups with random effects. You can make up the data if you need to keep the values secure.