Which test to use? 1 continuous and 1 categorical variable

I am trying to see if increasing age (continuous) makes a person more susceptible to a health event (categorical: 1 or 0)
Please will you guide me as to which tets will be most appropriate to check if there is any correlation/association?

Many thanks in advance
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You have 2 groups (event yes/no). In order to analyse whther those with
the event tend to be older (or younger) than those without, you can use
the independent samples t-test (with Welch correction). Alternatively,
Mann-Whitney U-test.

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Thank you, much appreciate your help. On that note, please may I ask, if I wanted to again compare age with test outcomes which are numerical but limited between -4 to +4, what would you suggest I go for? Thanks in advance
Thanks, Promise this is the last one. If I converted my age to categorical variables, then can I use a Chi-square to look for an association between age and the event (yes or no)? Thanks so much. You have been super helpful


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You could also run logistic regression.

Its almost never a good idea to make an interval variable a categorical one