Which test to use to compare results between groups


We have collected data related to performance (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) in a whole lot of assessment criteria, and are looking for the best way to analyse these data in addition to the obvious comparisons based on percentages.

We have collected data from individuals, in terms of the following paired data:
  1. employed in public or private enterprise
  2. less than or more than 5 years experience
  3. employed in frontline or management role

An example of the form of data is as follows, where we have the total number for each category, and then the total number from within each category who performed successfully in each criterion.

Sample Data.PNG

My question is really what are the possible ways of interrogating these data in a meaningful way. If it is possible to compare at the level of the individual criterion, as well as at the level of the entire set of criteria (ie, the whole subject)., and even across the whole set of subjects (ie, the whole course), that would be great....but we will take whatever advice and recommendations are forthcoming.

Thanks in advance.

Bryan West
Fortress Learning