Which test to use

Hi all

I am a language teacher, and, like many of them, I am unaware of the test I should you for statistical analysis of the data available with me. In fact, I want to see which of the skills my students are good at, and which one they are poor in. I have data for five skills, i.e. Writing, Reading, Listening, Grammar and Speaking. Can anyone help me? I shall be obliged

I do suggest that you rephrase your question, for example " How can i Know what factors affect the skills of my students"

To answer your current question, since you have the data of individual students regarding their test scores, you can just divide scores for each subject into tranches and see how many students belong to each tranche. The subject which has the most number of students belonging to the upper tranches is the subject where most of your students are good at.

So far you only have dependent variables and no independent variables :)

Hope this helps.