which test?

more help needed! i have attached a word document showing a table that i need to analyse. basically it shows the mean differences between control groups and gymnasts. the measurememtns are girth measuresments of different parts of the body. im slightly confused as to what stats test i should be using seen as i have 2 groups and alot of variables to analyse. any suggestions asap will be great. thanks


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Do you have the sample sizes? If so, you could do t-tests for each measurement.

I assume the numbers in parentheses are standard deviations?
there are 11 subjects in each group. yes they are standard deviations. seperate t tests would take forever, is there any other tests that could be done? if not i may leave tht bit out. its for my dissertation. i have shown on each graph and stated in the rest of my results where there are significant differences. i dont know if anyone will know but is it acceptable in a dissertation just to comment on the differences without any stats, e.g. "the values indicate that gymnasts demonstrate lower mean values than controls" and state where the differences lie and why this may be the issue.


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Using Excel, you could quickly do t-tests for each attribute, knowing the means, std deviations, and sample sizes. It definitely would not take forever....

No, it is not acceptable in a dissertation to leave out the statistical tests....
ok, does anyone know how to do the t tests in excel? iv only been using spss up until now im usure as to how excel works regarding stats.


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The attached Excel file will do a Student's t-Test for summary data (mean, std dev, sample sizes).

Just type in the means, std dev, and sample sizes in the grey boxes, and also type in the significance level (alpha) as well as the number of tails (a 1 or 2-tailed test).