which type of regression analysis to use

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I'm currently conducting a study looking at the relationship between sleep, stress and fatigue in a student population. I'm unable to conduct correlation type analysis with this study. I know that some form of regression analysis would be best to investigate these relationships, however, am finding it difficult to single out which type as each factor affects the other. Would running multiple linear regression analysis be appropriate in this case?

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It is all about writing out your study questions and defining how variables are formatted. Everything else falls into place. State those and we can better help.
OK, sorry I've realised I left a lot of very important info out.
So we're measuring sleep on the basis of two factors - sleep hygeine and sleep disturbance (both of which are measured using a seperate likert scale based questionnaire for each of these factors). Stress also has its own likert based questionnaire and fatigue does too. Participants answered each of these 4 questionnaires and so we end up with 4 numerical scores for each participant based on each questionnaires total. It's through these scores that we will measure the relationship between sleep behaviour, sleep disturbance, stress and fatigue.

- We are predicting that those with higher scores on the sleep behaviour measure will have higher scores across sleep, stress and fatigue.
- That higher scores on the stress measure will have higher scores across sleep disturbance, sleep behaviour and fatigue.
- That higher scores on the fatigue measure will have higher scores across the stress measure, sleep behaviour and sleep disturbance.
- That higher scores on sleep disturbance measure will have higher scores across stress, sleep behaviours and sleep disturbance.

Thanks for helping! With this information this is why I think running multiple linear regression analyses may be best, as I cant seem to fit these factor relationships into a form of multiple regression analysis or any other types I can seem to find.