Within-subject pre-post design with multiple trials pre & post


I'm hoping someone is able to help me with my statistical analysis.
My study design is a simple within-subject pre-post design, but instead of just 1 trial pre and post, I have 6. The reasons for doing the repeated testing is the variability in test measurement.
So far I've looked at the data using means and confidence intervals, with there appearing to be some trends in the data that I'd like to analyse further. I also then performed paired sample T-tests on mean pre and post values for each subject, however as I only have 7 subjects, this brings my N down to 6(vs 84 with all trials). While this approach seems to sort of do a job, it just seems to really reduce the amount of data down to very small levels and so it just doesn't strike me as being ideal...
Therefore I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience analysing a similar study design? I've been fiddling around with SPSS (vers.20) for hours on end, splitting files etc, but haven't worked out a way so far.

Any assistance would be gratefully received!

Thanks for your time