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How to include dummy variable into regression model of time series -Monthly based using SPSS , ex. Yt=b0+B1t +B2M2 +......+M12M12 + B13 CNT *Yt + e Plz give me an example using SPSS
Hi everyone.
I'm studying statistics and computer science in Burkina Faso.
I'm so glad to join this wonderful community.
Hope I'll learn more with you.
Hi, I'm a student from the NL and since you're studying stats, I was wondering if you could help me on some questions that one of my teacher gave me to help me to study for my exam.
Thanks for your time
a) A medical shop in a city has three employees A, B and C, who fill 32%, 28% and 40%
of the total orders respectively. While filling, the employees A, B and C make mistakes
in 6%, 5% and 3% of the total orders respectively.
(i) Find the probability that a mistake is made in filling an order. (2 marks)
(ii) If a mistake is made in an order, find the probability that the order was filled by
employee C.
Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Machon beschäftigt sich intensiv mit dem Gebiet der ganzheitlichen Zahnmedizin, insbesondere Materialverträglichkeit steht für Ihn an oberster Stelle. Seine Behandlungsschwerpunkte liegen bei ästhetischen vollkeramischen Versorgungen und gesunde schöne Zähne.