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Pls I need help so to this
A) Searching for optimality in a rapidly changing world is like chasing a shadow the optimum changes as our perception changes.
B) The Operational Research Society's definition of Operational Research does not mention optimization yet most Operational Research technique assumes it
Comment on the above statements giving examples why it might. Not be appropriate to seek
Hello. I'm fairly new on this platform and would appreciate it if I could be assisted. I have read somewhere that for a 7 point Likert scale questionnaire, 4 is the Test value, I hope I got that one right. So my question is, how do I determine Test value for a point Likert scale?

Again how do I differentiate between Test value and t-test? I find them confusing

Thanks in advance
Hi. need help. I am new to research data analysis and the last time I came across it was when I was still in Uni. To cut the story short, wanted some advise on the research analysis that I am doing. We wanted to know what scores from candidate's pre-employment data can predict a high scores in Training outcome (probability of candidate to excel or to be dismissed from training). Which statistical analysis can we use?